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If impact, exponential growth & systematic thinking are your yardsticks for work, then Navigus is where you belong !

Life at navigus

Life at Navigus

Each Navigus team member loves the raw grind of a true technology product startup, which empowers them to be decision makers and creators of a world class product ecosystem. Navigus team prizes delivery over debate, lateral thinking over mundane and quality over quantity.

life at navigus

Why you’ll love it here

Navigus aims to provide an enjoyable and invigorating environments that offsets the grind of a startup with rewards like extended vacation breaks, paid learning opportunities, long weekends or bringing your furry friends to work.

life at navigus

We have all been victims and perpetrators of a ubiquitous broken system of education, training and guidance. Through Navigus we have a chance to fix and redeem it for generations to come, leveraging the perfect amalgamation of human and artificial intelligence.

Shivash Tyagi


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