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Karthik is at a very pivotal stage of his life. He is 16 years old and must make a very important decision about his career. Karthik must pick a stream for higher studies. Even though he doesn’t necessarily enjoy science and has found it hard to cope with mathematics, Karthik opts for the Science program anyway. Why? Because all his friends were opting for science. Over the next two years, Karthik barely manages to scrape by in 11th however, in 12th his shortcomings are much more prominent. Eventually, Karthik starts falling behind in class. Later on academics

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disinterests him and as a result, he scores low. This vicious cycle of low scores continues and on the eventful day of the board exams, Karthik’s grades are still consistent. His parents ask him which course he’d like to opt for? His mother’s suggestion of ART’S fall on deaf ears. Karthik, confused and lost asks his friends what he should pursue. His friends urge him on and tell him that he’s got the aptitude for science and must just work a little harder at it. And so, With his scores, Karthic joins the first science college that accepts him. After elongating a 3 year BSc course into a 5 year one Karthik finally graduates.

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